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Elleste Solo MX are used as hormone replacement therapy (HRT), used to manage symptoms of the menopause. It contains estradiol, which is chemically similar to the female hormone oestrogen. During the menopause, the production of oestrogen in a woman’s ovaries gradually stops. This deficiency can lead to a number of symptoms, including hot flushes, depression, sleep problems, dryness and osteoporosis. If these symptoms are sufficiently severe, you may be prescribed Elleste Solo MX in order to supplement the body’s oestrogen levels.

About Elleste Solo MX Patches

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Elleste Solo MX (Estradiol) Patches are a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). It is a transdermal patch that contains the female hormone Oestrogen-Estradiol. It is used in menopausal women to relieve symptoms after menopause.

The primary female sex hormone, estradiol, a type of oestrogen, is the main active ingredient.  It controls both the development of secondary sexual traits in females as well as the regulation of the menstrual cycle. However, the ovaries start producing less oestrogen as women approach menopause, ultimately ending the menstrual cycle. Women can experience a lot of discomfort and issues at this time since the body is changing, causing the hormone levels to vary unpredictably.

The time between each menstrual cycle lengthens and becomes irregular as the body enters menopause. Other signs and symptoms include:

  • Hot Flushes
  • Lack of Energy
  • Weight Gain
  • Breast Pain
  • Headaches
  • Sore Joints
  • Heart Palpitations

How does Elleste Solo MX work?

Hormone replacement therapy is carried out with (HRT). In order to compensate for the body’s decreased oestrogen production, Elleste solo MX contains a synthetic form of oestrogen which substitutes the missing oestrogen. Since the majority of menopause-related issues result from the body adjusting to lower oestrogen levels, replacing it with a synthetic supply will ultimately alleviate symptoms.


Always use this medicine exactly as instructed by your doctor. Please read the patient information leaflet before use.

One patch twice weekly continuously, started within 5 days of onset of menstruation (or at any time if cycles have ceased or are infrequent), to be used with a cyclical progestogen for at least 12 days of each cycle in women with a uterus, initiate therapy with MX25 for first 3 months; subsequently, adjust according to the response.

The patch is applied to the lower back or buttocks twice a week. When applying a new patch, place on a new area of skin, away from the place you have just used.


40mcg 16 Patches, 40mcg 24 Patches, 40mcg 48 Patches, 40mcg 8 Patches, 80mcg 24 Patches


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